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The PanaVista 3: Staged for Success
The PanaVista 3
KonFab Rolling Out Solutions
  Theatrical Applications

Architects and contractors know how difficult and expensive
it can be to build or renovate theaters with standard rigging equipment. Counterweight systems have been the classic solution for providing cycloramas, scrims or painted scenic drops. PanaVista 3 provides an alternate solution for drops
up to 60’ wide. PanaVista 3 requires less than one-third of
the overhead space required by a counterweight system.
And because so much less space needs to be constructed
or modified, the savings for building a PanaVista 3 equipped theater can be significant.

Retro Fit Your Stage
Before now, stages built without extensive flyhouse structures were unable to effectively use painted scenic drops and scrim effects. PanaVista 3 solves this problem by allowing for a full-size scenic drop to be stored above stage in less than four vertical feet — or about the same space as standard ventilation ductwork.

To find out if your application can benefit from a PanaVista 3 installation, click here now.



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